Herbal Haze (Augmented)

Herbal Haze (Augmented), the eleventh (and penultimate) track for the upcoming Cynicism Management release Tit Augmented, planned for about a year from now, has just been released on SoundCloud. Should you want to know more about this project, click here.

Monika Fritz – vocals
Jan Urbanc – guitar
Aljaž Tulimirović – guitar
Stojan Kralj – guitar
Borut Praper – drums, keyboards, bass & additional guitar

Music by Borut Praper
Lyrics by Borut Praper
Recorded, produced & mixed by Borut Praper
Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz
Mastered by Andrej Hrvatin

Track artwork by Matej Peklar
(Upcoming) album artwork by Matevž Praper



Welcome dear tainted dawn
Are you to stay here long?
I plan to stay away
From your big brother day

Hello my trusted friend
Ready to make amends?
I’m yearning for your touch
Why cope with drudgery much?

And while I listen to them breathing
I want to see them fast receding
Longing for its touch
I know I don’t want too much

Lead the day
And get sick get sick of it
Speed the day
There’s much so much of it
Free the day
Roll it up and shrug it off
Heed your way
Feel it calling

Herbal haze became my face

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