Bad Bad Boy (Augmented)

We’ve just finished Bad Bad Boy (Augmented), yet another track for the upcoming Cynicism Management release Tit Augmented, planned for about a year from now. Should you want to know more about this project, click here.

Monika Fritz – vocals
Jan Urbanc – guitar
Borut Praper – drums, keyboards, bass & additional guitar

Music by Borut Praper
Lyrics by Borut Praper
Recorded, produced & mixed by Borut Praper
Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz
Mastered by Andrej Hrvatin

Track artwork by Matej Peklar
(Upcoming) album artwork by Matevž Praper



I’ve been a bad bad boy

All the wants that I may have
Tremble at my mother’s stare
I implore her to desist
This thing she does

I’ve been watching her grow old
Never penetrated, cold
I have never even grasped
The sin

I’ve been a bad bad boy
Got little hamster legs in my secret drawer
Therefore I hide till I can hide no more
I’ve been a bad bad boy
I have her visit my mind
Make her my own whore
Therefore I loathe
Till I can loathe no more

I grow older she grows old
I’ve been hiding things untold
It’s been years and I am

But she steals the cellar key
I make her stay eternally
Now I love her quietly
She’s watching

I’ve been a bad bad boy
My little hamster legs I carry in my pockets
I no longer run ’cause I can run no more
I’ve been a bad bad boy
Those children’s shoes
In my cellar locker
They’re all just for you
So you can love me too

Bad bad boy