Right Humpster (Augmented)

Here goes Right Humpster, one of the tracks from the upcoming Cynicism Management release Tit Augmented, planned for about a year from now. Since I’ve now managed to make it two-thirds through the entire album (I hope to finish reworking the last four songs by the end of June), I’ll stop explaining what this little pet project of mine is all about. Should you be interested in the entire endeavour (and the reasons for it), click here for an elaboration.

Monika Fritz – vocals
Jan Urbanc – guitar
Borut Praper – drums, keyboards, bass & additional guitar

Music by Borut Praper
Lyrics by Borut Praper
Recorded, produced & mixed by Borut Praper
Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz
Mastered by Andrej Hrvatin

Track artwork by Matej Peklar
(Upcoming) album artwork by Matevž Praper



Right, Humpster!
Do your nasty thing!
Be what you are!
Let the frolicking begin!
Her bulging eyes at three a.m.
I really wish I’d give a damn
My eyelids kiss
My upper lip
Indeed this is a vile routine

She’s watery eyed like frogs in heat
Ignoring me, my every plead
When bonecrumbed dump
Spills everywhere
Repugnant, yes! But it’s the end