Whence She Came (Augmented)

Whence She Came is the sixth track from the new Cynicism Management release Tit Augmented, planned for about a year from now, that I managed to rework and remix… So I’m halfway through, yay! It is also the sixth song to appear in the book that it has actually been written and recorded for: Cynicism Managment (A Rock & Roll Fable), which will NOT be published by River Boat Books in a few months as originally planned because of the end of the world (as we know it).

It is a rather “rude” track with what can be interpreted as a creepy ending, appearing in one of the many thoroughly politically incorrect chapters of the novel it was written for. However, I’m pretty sure it’s awfully cute if you happen to know what it’s about. Hopefully it’s even nicer now that it hopefully sounds a bit better than it did ten years ago.

Monika Fritz – vocals
Jan Urbanc – guitar
Borut Praper – drums, keyboards, bass & additional guitar

Music by Borut Praper
Lyrics by Borut Praper
Recorded, produced & mixed by Borut Praper
Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz
Mastered by Andrej Hrvatin

Track artwork by Matej Peklar
(Upcoming) album artwork by Matevž Praper

 More info about the whole project (and the reasons for it) is here.


From whence she came?
It was easy to detect
Wisping pungent air, traces trailing
From whence she came?
Whiffs of heavily lagging scent
Remnants slowly fading
Like a bitch in heat
All made up flawless painted glossed
Lined groomed tanned and flossed
They always knew
From whence she came

From whence she came?
She’d be nice for some action
Short of mental interaction
From whence she came?
She would serve for some blowin’
‘Cause a mouthful is a mouth shut

When they came

They came

When they came
I heard a scream through the ceiling
And I nursed a gnawing feeling
That by the time her skin got peeled away
What was left of her was bloody insane
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