Opus 0 (single)

Opus-0-single---COVER---1000pxReleased November 16, 2012

The 2011 Original Studio Version of Opus 0 was written and recorded especially for the “Rokerji pojejo pesnike” (Rockers Sing the Poets) compilation, in the context of which musicians set the poems by various Slovenian poets to music. So obviously the track was in Slovenian for a change.

“Opus 0” is Cynicism Management’s contribution to the project, and the poem sung here as lyrics is “Opus nič” by the renowned poet Ervin Fritz. It’s a rather hilarious ditty about death and senselessness of it all (at least as far as those with a specific sense of humour are concerned – others may find it somewhat pessimistic).

Opus 0 (RPP 2011 Original Studio Version) was included in the seventh edition of the RPP compilation, released in 2011.

Opus 0 (RPP 2011 Live Acoustic Version) was recorded live at the Rokerji pojejo pesnike 2011 concert in the Bellevue hotel in the Mariborsko Pohorje hills. It was published on the 2012 Rokerji pojejo pesnike 8 compilation (Akord Records / Subkulturni azil, 2012). Sound engineer & mix: Daniel Bauman. Mastering: Stojan Kralj.

Opus 0 (Second Chance Blown Remix) is a remix by Aljoša Mislej of the band Second Chance Blown from Izola, Slovenia.

Opus 0 (2012 Studio Version) is a new version of the track with drums recorded in Jan Baruca’s studio in Izola, and with Yan Baray on solo guitar. Mix and mastering by Jan Baruca.

Music: Borut Praper. Lyrics: Ervin Fritz. Arrangement: Borut Praper; Aljoša Mislej – track 2; Andrej Babič, Enej Demirović, Samo Pečar, Monika Fritz and Borut Praper – track 3. Produced by Borut Praper.

Vocals: Monika Fritz
Drums, bass, rhythm guitar: Borut Praper
Solo guitar: Aljaž Tulimirović on track 4
Solo guitar: Yan Baray on track 1
Fretless bass: Samo Pečar on track 3
Acoustic guitar: Andrej Babič on track 3
Acoustic guitar: Enej Demirović on track 3
Keyboards: Borut Praper; Aljoša Mislej on track 2
Programming: Borut Praper; Aljoša Mislej on track 2

MIX: Track 1: Jan Baruca; Track 2: Aljoša Mislej; Track 3: Daniel Bauman; Track 4: Borut Praper.
MASTERING: Track 1: Jan Baruca; Track 2: Borut Praper; Track 3: Stojan Kralj; Track 4: Stojan Kralj.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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