“Tit Augmented” is out!

The new album – or, more precisely, the radically renovated 10th-anniversary edition of Cynicism Management’s first album, “Tit” – is out. You can grab it on Bandcamp (free / pay what you want), in most digital stores, or hear it on your favourite streaming service.


Monika Fritz: vocals
Jan Urbanc: guitar
Borut Praper: drums, keyboards, programming, bass, guitar
Aljaž Tulimirović: guitar and bass on Iniquity; guitar on Herbal Haze; guitar, e-bow guitar and kazoo on The End of the Vilewood Road
Stojan Kralj: guitar on Herbal Haze
Jure Praper: lead guitar on Four-Circle Penile Substitute

All tracks written and arranged by Borut Praper, except Iniquity co-written by Aljaž Tulimirović. All lyrics by Borut Praper. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Borut Praper. Vocals co-arranged by Monika Fritz. Mastering by Andrej Hrvatin.

Cover artwork adapted from the mixed-media artwork “Kraljica noči” by Rok Predin © 2008. Used with the permission of the artist. Track artwork by Matej Peklar, except “Tit Augmented” by Matevž Praper. Back artwork by Matevž Praper.

Thanks: Jan Baruca, Andrej Hrvatin, Stojan Kralj, Sebastjan Roškarič, Aljoša Mislej for lending an ear, Sunčan Stone for checking the lyrics.

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