Cynicism Management – Original Soundtrack updated

The original soundtrack for the novel Cynicism Management: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fable has just been updated with new versions of songs.

The original music for the novel is now more than ten years old and my technical capabilities as well as expertise in music production have improved quite a bit during the last decade. About a year ago, I therefore started releasing the so-called “augmented” versions of the relevant tracks (not remixes, but thoroughly reworked versions of songs – click here for more detailed information about the project) in honour of the upcoming River Boat Books (United States) and corona/samizdat (Slovenia) editions of the novel. All of the “rejuvenated” songs will be published about a year from now, on the official 10th anniversary of the original Tit, as a new music album titled Tit Augmented. However, the new versions of all the songs are already available to stream from our SoundCloud page as well as to download for free and/or stream from the very post you’re just reading or from this page on my official website. So if you’d like to be among the first to hear them, this is the place to be.



The Cynicism Management novel contains references to songs, recorded specifically as a soundtrack for the story. The music is in no way crucial for following the plot, so you will miss nothing if you cannot or will not listen to it. Besides, it is always possible that you might like the writing but hate the soundtrack… or vice versa. The novel as a purely literary work is my top priority, and therefore I by no means wish to force my musical escapades on you.

However, if the idea of songs enhancing the story’s atmosphere appeals to you, feel free to use the relevant links in the novel or the dedicated SoundCloud player below to have a listen.

Should you wish to download the complete collection of tracks mentioned in the book, you can do so here. I apologise for restricting the download to subscribers, but it is crucial for me to be able to inform you of any new literary and music releases.

Note that the tracks from the 2011 Cynicism Management debut “Tit” have recently been reworked (or “augmented”) in honour of the 2020 River Boat Books (United States) and corona/samizdat (Slovenia) publications of actual paper books. Next year, on the “official” tenth anniversary of the aforementioned debut, the modernised versions of songs will be released as a standalone album. Until then, the free download of these tracks is only available from right here.