Cynicism Management

Cynicism Management CoverCYNICISM MANAGEMENT

(Cynicism Management Series, Book 1, 2nd Edition)

Satire / sci-fi / cyberpunk

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A cast of hilariously eccentric characters get sucked into a maelstrom of ridiculous events: can they stumble blindly out of a complex and terminally dangerous conspiracy with their hides intact – and save the world while they’re at it?

Finnegan Frotz, an anonymous, bitter and extraordinarily pale black musician, lyricist and compulsive cynic of German-Scottish origin, flies from Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, to Slovenia, a small country to the northeast of Italy. Upon his arrival he joins Amalia Winegirl, songstress and occasional fling, and her half-brother Randy, bass player and herb aficionado. Together they form a band called Cynicism Management and pump all their efforts into creating what can only be described as a collection of smash hit singles in odd time signatures.

However, prying eyes notice Finnegan at the airport. Something has been etched into his skin, and this catches the wrong kind of attention. Unbeknownst – at first, at least – to any of its members, Finnegan’s band finds itself in the middle of a complex international conspiracy involving a malevolent corporation and a couple of executives with a diabolical plan. Add a colourful crowd of peculiar characters, an ad hoc group of female undercover agents, a voluptuous Portuguese nymphomaniac, a few bearded mujahideen, a sexy case of Stockholm syndrome, an online computer game, a slightly out-of-place but horny U.S. marine, a swarm of nosy cockroaches, and Bear in Underwear to the mix… And get ready for a roller-coaster of entangled plot lines, bizarre dialogues and ridiculous incidents, culminating in a shocking revelation.

Please note that this novel is adult, poignant satire. As such it contains explicit language, sex scenes, politically incorrect depictions, and may be offensive to the more irritable readers, particularly those who hold the values of the American (or Slovenian) Dream paramount.

This is the second edition of the novel, containing many improvements and formatting changes. The novel also includes links to free music by the fictional musicians appearing in the story – to the actual soundtrack for this literary work.

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The Cynicism Management novel contains references to songs, recorded specifically as a soundtrack for the story. The music is in no way crucial for following the plot, so you will miss nothing if you cannot or will not listen to it. Besides, it is always possible that you might like the writing but hate the soundtrack… or vice versa. The novel as a purely literary work is my top priority, and therefore I by no means wish to force my musical escapades on you.

However, if the idea of songs enhancing the story’s atmosphere appeals to you, feel free to use the relevant links in the novel or the dedicated SoundCloud player below to have a listen.

Should you wish to download the complete collection of tracks mentioned in the book, you can do so here. I apologise for restricting the download to subscribers, but it is crucial for me to be able to inform you of any new literary and music releases.

Note that the tracks from the 2011 Cynicism Management debut album, poetically titled Tit (a small bird of the Paridae family, of course) have been reworked (or “augmented”) in honour of the 2020 River Boat Books (United States) and corona/samizdat (Slovenia) publications of actual paper books. In 2021, on the tenth anniversary of the original album, the modernised versions of songs were also released as a standalone album titled Tit Augmented.

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